Tuesday, August 8, 2017

how to do project 0: About Me

For   About Me,   please include the following:

  1. Title: About "First Name Last Name".  Use your real first name and use a math vocabulary word for your last name.
  2. Education: List the schools you have attended
  3. Work: List any jobs you have had. This can be paid, volunteer or or chores. 
  4. What I want to be: What do you want to be when you grow up?
  5. Interests: What are you favorite things to do or hobbies
  6. Slideshow: Make a slide show of a photo of yourself
  7. Embed the slideshow in your post


See an example   About Me 

how to do project 0: Creating my character

For My Character, please include the following:

Title: Creating My Character
Name of your character
Special Abilities

Photos to include:
Photo of your character
Picture drawn in NOTE of your character

Make a google slideshow of your pictures
Embed the slideshow in your post


  • See an example My Character
  • This year we will be writing our own word problems involving characters we create. Create a character by answering the following questions about your character. Watch the video HERE.